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VIDEO: City of Arlington's "American Dream Story" Highlights Legal Draft Beer Co.

This week, the City of Arlington's American Dream Story series featured Legal Draft Beer Co. owner and founder Greg McCarthy.

"It started with a dangerous combination of time on my hands, interest in the subject matter and just the audacity to think we could pull it off." That's how Legal Draft Beer Co. owner and founder Greg McCarthy describes the origins of his Arlington brewery. 

McCarthy was spending time with his now-business partner when the idea to open a brewery came up. He says they quickly agreed, raised a glass to the idea and Legal Draft Beer Co. was born. 

The name came from McCarthy's past career as an attorney. And while the new job comes with great perks, building a brand is a challenge all its own.

"I work easily twice as many hours as I ever did practicing law," McCarthy said. "Even though I'm tired when I go to bed, I'm ready to get up the next morning and go to work."

Legal Draft was one of the first businesses to move into Downtown's Urban Union neighborhood and has played a significant role in its growth. "There was a lot of pent-up desire for a place like this. A cool, comfortable place," McCarthy said. 

"Being part of the revitalization of Downtown Arlington, being the anchor for Urban Union has been really gratifying," McCarthy said. "We've done a lot of things I'm very proud of. But I might not be more intensely proud of anything than I am proud of that one thing that we've done."

Video produced by the City of Arlington. Feature image from Legal Draft Facebook page.