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Hungry for Options, Fans Can Count on Arlington

Do not despair, valiant fan! You've come out to Texas in the icy grip* of winter to watch your team beat up the other team, and now you're looking for some food to get you in the spirit. Whether you need a pre-game pre-game, or you want to drown your sorrows in some delicious nachos, Arlington has what you need.

*We recognize Oregon and Ohio have way worse winters than we do. This is probably shorts and T-shirt weather for you guys. Just humor us for a second, ok?

J. Gilligan's Bar and Grill


J. Gilligan's Bar and Grill, on the corner of E. Abram and E. South Street, is home-grown and has your back when it comes to transportation. For the National Championship game, they're offering free parking and a shuttle ride to and from the game. That means your party can be that much safer and that much more fun. No one has ever said they want to wait in traffic and park themselves when there's a shuttle available. Conveniently, J. Gilligan's also provides a stellar menu, complete with Irish Nachos which were featured on the Travel Channel.

The Grease Monkey


After eating those nachos, perhaps you're feeling a bit parched. Or maybe you just yelled a lot during the game and worked up an appetite. Whatever your reason, The Grease Monkey caters to your needs with food and drink you'd think was made just for you. The restaurant, located off N. Mesquite and W. Division St., was a well kept Arlington secret until they were a contender in the DFW 2013 Burger Battle. All good things (in this case, secrets) come to an end, and The Grease Monkey has grown to local legend. Their burgers are delicious, but their drink selection is truly legendary. Basic beers and fanciful concoctions alike can be found  and the selection will not disappoint.

Babe's Chicken Dinner House


You've come all this way to Texas. Land of the meat. From cows to beef to steak to... wait a second. We might be known for our savory steak and endless barbecue, but that's just a ruse so you won't steal our fried chicken. Babe's, located just north of the University of Texas at Arlington along Center Street, knows what we're talking about. Nothing makes you feel warmer than biting into a succulent piece of their lightly breaded and fried chicken. Maybe you came with some college buddies, or maybe you want to break some bread with a rival's bunch, either way Babe's has family style dining for all party sizes. The dinner even comes with sides and rolls. If you don't leave the restaurant with mixed feelings about being stuffed and wanting more of their delicious chicken, you didn't do it right.

Those who bring appetites that would make a horse nervous are more than welcome in our humble Arlington downtown. Though Dallas and Fort Worth provide name recognition, Arlington has options for every type of eater, and we've got an advantage when it comes to location. Right down the street from the stadium, by car or by shuttle, you'll find restaurants that quench your thirst, fill your belly and make you hungry for another visit to Arlington, Texas.