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Heart of Arlington Neighborhood Association Joins City in Celebrating the Completion of Park Row Drive Sidewalk

Residents in the Heart of Arlington Neighborhood Association, located along the south side of Downtown Arlington, joined Mayor Jim Ross, City Council District 5 Representative Rebecca Boxall, and other city leaders on Friday, Jan. 14 for a ribbon-cutting celebration to mark the completion of the neighborhood-initiated Park Row Drive sidewalk project.

The project added ADA complaint sidewalk ramps and created a continuous pedestrian path on the north and south side of the street between Johnson Creek and Collins Street. Not only does the project enhance the well-used stretch of sidewalk along Park Row but improves walkability and pedestrian connectivity into Downtown Arlington.

“We believe this is a signature project and this signifies our dedication to answering the call to enhance sidewalks, pedestrian safety and our overall infrastructure in Arlington to meet the needs of residents and businesses,” said Public Works and Transportation Director Keith Brooks.

Neighborhood efforts to get the sidewalk built began in earnest around 2007, but former HANA President Floreen Henry said she and her husband, who have lived on Park Row Drive since 1980, has wanted a sidewalk for much longer than that. 

“This is a celebration of something we thought would never happen. We worked so long for this,” said Henry.

While grateful that the Park Row Drive sidewalk is complete, HANA President Alicia Gray said there is more work to be done. The neighborhood recently partnered with Walkable Arlington to identify other areas around the community in need of safer pedestrian paths.

“The sidewalks connect us and promote walkability. For people who depend on that, the sidewalks give them safe passage,” Gray said.

Video and photo produced by the City of Arlington, as well as additional event coverage and a history of the project