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From concept to creation: PicturePlane brings brands to life

There are no ordinary days in the life of a PicturePlane employee. One day he may be devoted to helping Iron Man defeat serial bad-guys Ivan Vanko and Justin Hammer. Another day, she could take the wheel of a souped-up Charger as it drifts maniacally down an L.A. highway. Still another, he could part the clouds of a dark and stormy sky while she brings Lego Indiana Jones to life.

What magical forces are at work at PicturePlane, a multi-faceted design studio with locations in Los Angeles, CA and Downtown Arlington, TX? The power resides in the heads, hearts and hands of the 50-some artists (15 in Arlington) who can conjure any visual content a client can dream up or demand.

From Princesses to Death Stars

Because the team’s collective skill set is so broad and deep, PicturePlane can offer comprehensive design services to their clients including concepting, character development, 3D modeling, CGI rendering, illustration, layout and logo design, motion graphics and more. Their work is ubiquitous, appearing on movie posters and digital kiosks, toy and video game packaging, on product labels in grocery stores, and on and on.

Star Power

With its roots in L.A. where the studio began, PicturePlane built its reputation in the entertainment industry. “We’re known for our key art execution,” said Art Proulx, creative director and partner. “Our work ranges from princesses to things that shoot and explode and everything in between.”

Working closely with Disney and HCI, for instance, PicturePlane created the "payoff" poster key art for Disney's November 2016 feature release of Moana. The image captures the two main characters surrounded by the incredible Tahitian water that Disney's team spent several months abroad researching. In 2015, in close collaboration with EA and DICE, PicturePlane executed the epic and painstakingly detailed CGI rendering of the master key art for Star Wars™ Battlefront™.

Thanks to the team’s genuine talent, passion and tireless dedication, the studio boasts a growing client list including Hasbro, Sega, Mattel, LucasArts, Mattel, Cartoon Network, Del Monte and Dole. Not to mention Disney and EA. Once a PicturePlane client, it seems, always a PicturePlane client.

Location, location, location

About six years ago, one of PicturePlane’s most talented freelancers was ready to move back home to Texas from L.A. Instead of losing a team member, the partners agreed to keep him on the payroll long distance. Soon after, they recognized an opportunity and their next big step: opening a second office in the fourth-largest metropolitan region in the United States: North Texas. Arlington, with its proximity to both Dallas and Ft. Worth, offered the perfect regional vantage point for talent recruitment and business growth.

The biggest and most immediate benefit, said Proulx, was putting family first. “The cost of living in L.A. is outrageous, and my wife and I wanted to get our young kids out of that environment. Moving to Texas has been the best decision. The people are so genuinely friendly, our kids are happy, and thanks to today’s technology, the work between our L.A. and Texas offices is seamless.”

The Vandergriff Building in Downtown Arlington has also been a dream come true. “When I first saw this building, it immediately gave me a sense of nostalgia,” Proulx said. “It feels so open and clean, not cluttered.” In fact, just last year PicturePlane expanded its footprint by adding 1500 feet to accommodate more staff and creative space.

What’s new in the neighborhood

Today, a couple of blocks from the PicturePlane studio, Downtown Arlington continues to reinvent itself through several redevelopment projects: a new Central Library, mixed use developments, new apartments and a reimagined Abram Street, the “main drag” through it all. “We like what’s happening south of us,” said Proulx, “and we like the culture here in Downtown. We can’t wait to see what’s next.”

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