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Fitness & Recreation in Downtown Arlington

Downtown Arlington has plenty of different venues for citizens to enjoy between all the food, music and shopping places. However downtown is lacking in their number of recreation and fitness venues. 

There aren’t very many places for fitness and recreation. UT Arlington students have the Maverick Activity Center (MAC) where they can go workout or participate in a number of sporting activities. Although UT Arlington students account for a large amount of traffic at other locations in downtown, most of those students do not live in the area and commute from different cities. This means that if you’re an Arlington resident, there are not very many options for fitness or recreational activities.

There is the Dyno-Rock Climbing Center and Miss Persis Studio of Dance, but other than that, there is nowhere listed where residents can participate in fitness activities. Although both of these places provide a unique fitness experience, it would be nice for there to be a more diverse selection of sports for the downtown community to participate in.

A recreation center in Downtown Arlington would be a nice and affordable option for residents to get memberships for themselves and their families as opposed to other costly facilities like LA Fitness.

Having a recreation center downtown would give athletes more options rather than only rock climbing. With a rec center citizens would have access to a basketball gym, weightlifting equipment, yoga classes, and more.

Downtown is moving up, and with an increase in their fitness and recreation venues, the renovation of downtown will be one step closer to complete.

What fitness and recreation locations would you like to see downtown? Would you also like a rec center or some baseball parks and soccer fields?

Selby Lopez is a journalism major at UT Arlington and a DFW sports fan.