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Downtown Spotlight: Celebrating 7 Years with “On Tap”

This year marks the 7th Anniversary of Downtown’s favorite taproom, On Tap. To celebrate this monumental occasion, they are hosting an anniversary party on January 26th and 27th, starting at noon. For two days only, you’ll be able try rare brews from all over Texas and have access to exclusive merch.

On Tap features an extensive selection of 50 rotating beverage taps, from craft beer, to wine, to cold brew coffee, to kombucha. Whether you’re grabbing a drink with a friend or taking it to-go, beer specialists are always on-site to help you find your new favorite brew!

After seven years in operation, almost 1.7 million ounces served, and over 1,200 unique beers offered, On Tap has become more than a bar: it’s a central destination for discovery, camaraderie, and community.

Get to know the story of On Tap with these seven fast facts from business owner and entrepreneur Drew Campbell.

1. Years of being the go-to “beer specialist” for his friends and family inspired Drew to become an entrepreneur.

“During my undergrad studies at UTA, I found myself always gravitating to craft beers over domestics... I took it upon myself to try different styles and not the same beer over and over. I often found myself helping friends, family, and strangers find the right beer for them.   The idea [of] building a place to help connect people and happiness through beer had been running around in my head for several years before we decided to take the plunge and open On Tap.”

2. On Tap started as a connection point between emerging local breweries and new audiences.

“At the time [we opened], breweries could not sell beer directly to consumers. We wanted to provide tap "real estate" to the emerging craft beer scene and feature breweries we thought were building the movement. We focus on Texas breweries and have helped many breweries from around the state come to the North Texas market.”

3. They chose to be in Downtown Arlington because they wanted to join the upward momentum of the city’s development as a cultural destination.

“We wanted to help establish Downtown Arlington as a center for entertainment to complement the other parts of the city.”

4. Their loyal fan base keeps the business afloat during hard times.

“When the COVID lockdowns happened, we were not sure how we could continue to operate. Fortunately, we have amazing customers that helped us through the tough times. By always respecting our customers and providing a great environment, we've really created a community that helps each other.”

5. Their slogan “Good Beer to Good People” was inspired by the novel “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

"’Good people drink good beer’ is a line from Hunter S. Thompson's amazing book ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.’ Good beer has opened many doors for us, gotten us into many adventures, and connected so many lives that we can't help but be the embodiment. Good Beer to Good People is our mission statement, and we proudly display it front and center at On Tap.”

6. As On Tap approaches their decade milestone, their dedication to people has not wavered.

“We want to continue pushing the envelope for what a "bar" can be. When I was at UTA, Division Street was known for their dive bars. We want to continue breaking that mold and creating a family friendly environment for people to come together.”

7. After seven years of business, the biggest reward is seeing people find or build their own community.

“The people are what make the business worth it. Sure, we're primarily a beer bar, but stepping back, we've created so much more! We have a great gaming group that enjoys board games, we've featured several musicians, and connected people that have formed lifelong friendships.”

Be sure to attend On Tap’s 7th Anniversary Bash on January 26th and 27th, starting at 12:00 p.m. and ending at midnight. The two-day extravaganza includes rare and hard-to-find beers, exclusive merchandise, and a chance to party with like-minded beer enthusiasts. Come out and be ready to experience a whole new world of flavors and techniques!