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What was that? Join the Young Professionals on Oct. 27 at 4pm for a Walking and Ghost Tour of Downtown Arlington

The Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Downtown Arlington to take you for a walk you'll never forget (insert deep, echoing laugh here). 

Join the Young Professionals on Thursday, Oct. 27 at 4pm for a walk through Downtown where you'll discover all kinds of unique aspects of the district's culture, history, and vibes (especially those that are artsy or spooky). 

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This tour blends all kinds of fun facts about Downtown Arlington. As you stroll, you'll get ideas for holiday gift-giving, get to know the best places to take clients for lunch meetings, discover a number of Downtown's colorful murals and public art pieces, and connect with your fellow young professionals.

Here's a fun idea. Need a new headshot or profile picture? Come photo-ready because the tour will take you by many selfie-worthy murals with all kinds of great backstories. 

Speaking of backstories: who doesn’t love a good ghost story this time of year? In Downtown Arlington, we’ve got not one but three tales that might just give your goose bumps goose bumps, including one that just recently.... surfaced.

Walking Tour Itinerary

  1. Start at the Arlington Music Hall to talk about Fred the ghost and check out the Arlington postcard mural and the Howdy mural.
  2. Head down Center St. to the train tracks and gather on the abandoned depot ramp to talk about an actual, wild west gunfight that took place there, leaving two men and a horse dead at that very spot.
  3. Continue down Center St. and turn on West Main St. to admire the Arlington Museum of Art’s cowgirl mural (pictured), where we'll chat about the findings of the 2021 ghost hunters who called the old JC Penney building a “Ghost Highway.”
  4. Cut through the City Center Plaza and learn the history of the Old Mineral Well, and the stories about North Texas Agricultural College (UTA) students drinking from the Well, and the (gulp) adverse effects. It’ll also be a great chance to talk about the development of the new well monument and check out the mirrored sculpture, too.
  5. Walk back up Center St. for a happy hour at Grease Monkey and a hauntingly good time.

Get More of the (Ghost) Story

Click here to see videos and read more about Fred and his undead pals in Downtown.