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Downtown Arlington Staycations: How to get away without leaving city limits

Sometimes, when going through the motions of life, no matter how enjoyable the tasks, people can begin to feel like they’re living life on auto pilot. This is often when they begin to crave adventure, something new, something fresh.

Thankfully, people don’t have to go far for a change of scenery in Arlington. Though trips across the state or even the country are an incredible experience, sometimes a short weekend trip is all that’s needed to shake things up and make you feel refreshed from everyday life. With only two days to work with, going too far means spending more time in the car than at the far off location.

Downtown Arlington provides some great opportunities for a weekend staycation to give residents the experience of going away without ever leaving city limits.

There are two bed and breakfasts in Downtown Arlington. The Thornton Inn has five rooms available for $189 per night on the weekends, and The Sanford House Inn and Spa has 12 rooms and suites available starting at $199 per night on the weekends. These bed and breakfasts are absolutely beautiful and provide the luxury of going away without having to spend the extra money on transportation.

Though these bed and breakfasts are breath taking, some people want an experience that will take them away from their everyday life but cannot afford to spend $200. Downtown Arlington does provide some other, cheaper options for a weekend getaway feel; however, it’s more of a day trip and less of a getaway experience. For about $40, you can experience art at the Arlington Museum of Art, pick up some burgers to go from Twisted Root and take them to Gene Allen Park for a picnic, head to the Levitt Pavilion for a free concert, and finish the night with drinks at Hooligans Pub. Arlington provides some great options for a change of scenery whether overnight or during the day.

Have you ever taken a “staycation” in Downtown Arlington? What do you think would make for a better getaway experience?

April Miller is a journalism senior at UT Arlington pursuing a career in digital journalism and lifestyle reporting with a passion for the art of storytelling. She’s currently a broadcast intern for the City of Arlington.