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"Culinary Anarchist” William Keller Delivers the Ideal Defense Against Traditional Bar Food at Blaze's Sports Grill

Blaze’s Sports Grill just opened near College Park Center at The University of Texas at Arlington and people are already buzzing about the unique experience Executive Chef William Keller brings to the table. 

With patterned pants and long hair bound by a bandanna, this chef resembles more of a line cook at some bar than a classically-trained chef. But don’t let his look fool you. Chef Keller has been a private chef for Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler and radio personality Howard Stern. 

Click here to see Chef Keller displaying his Whiskey Chicken made with Jack Daniel's

After working at many upscale establishments, Chef Keller became frustrated with the limitations of institutions and corporations. 

“I ended up in a sports bar because I really got tired of pretentious type foods. I wanted to do more comfort foods. I called it ‘Culinary Anarchy’,” said Chef Keller. 

Keller fell in love with cooking at a young age and even asked for an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas one year. He enjoyed experimenting with different ingredients and still uses a similar method today when thinking up tasty creations.

“I actually dream a lot of times. I dream of food. I’ll wake up and the food will come to mind and I will start jotting down ideas. And within the ideas I will actually start doing little sketches of what the plate is supposed to look like,” Chef Keller stated. 

Keller will often use inspiration from his childhood, like a Sloppy Joe, and create a grown-up version by using fine cuts of meat like prime rib. One of his favorites is a fried bologna sandwich made from mortadella, which is an Italian sausage containing pistachios and various spices.

In addition to the extensive selection of appetizers and main dishes, Chef Keller began specializing in creative cheesecake combinations after it became a huge hit on his own cooking show on El Paso’s NBC Channel Nine. Honey habanero and cotton candy are just a few of the creative creations customers can enjoy.

“I really don’t want to do things that everybody else is doing. I want to be really, really unique. I want it to be my own creation. And that’s what they are allowing me to do,” said Chef Keller.

Blaze’s Sports Grill is located at 593 South Pecan St. Arlington, TX in the College Park District. It is open from 11 am to 2 am Monday through Sunday. Chef Keller enjoys meeting with his customers so don’t be afraid to ask to speak with the ‘Culinary Anarchist’.