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Caves Lounge Draws College Crowd

In a city that continues to grow, there’s a street where all the college kids like to go. Division Street is its name and bars are its game. Between Milo’s and Stumpy’s, there’s a bar that is more popular with the college crowd, a little place we like to call Caves Lounge.

Located on the west side of Division Street, it’s easy to find with its ’70s-themed black and white sign. Walk onto the deck, get your IDs checked and in you are. As soon as you walk in you are faced with a pool table, arcade games and a small circle of couches with a virtual fireplace.

To your left, there’s the bar. With a variety of specials and drink concoctions, there’s always something to choose from. Between “Talls for Smalls” and “$3 Fireballs,”Caves likes to mix things up. Even at its busiest, a long line at the bar gets knocked out pretty quickly. While they do not serve food, they do have Carlos. Carlos comes by around midnight with a big lunchbag filled with tamales and burritos for all.

Want the best seat in the house? Take mine outside on the patio. Caves’ patio is one of my favorite places to enjoy a drink with friends on a Friday night. Even when it is packed on a Saturday night, it never feels overcrowded.

Aside from its patio and arcade games, Caves also provides other forms of entertainment. There is a stage inside and out on the patio, allowing bands and musicians to perform on weekends. Monday night is usually movie night out on the patio. This month they’ve chosen to show Halloween-themed movies; see the list by the bar for the schedule of future movie showings at Caves.

Caves also hosted an Oktoberfest event earlier this month with a huge turnout of people and live entertainment. Caves doesn’t just host music events though; this past Saturday they hosted a comedian that left the crowd laughing.

Of course, it isn’t all about the drinks and entertainment. Caves has a “homey” feel that is always inviting and attracts college kids. Over the numerous times I have gone, I have found myself not just hanging out with the people I showed up with but with other friends from school and even new friends that I have met there. Caves has a way of bringing the college community together, making it fun for everyone.

Noelle Jabal is currently pursuing a Journalism degree at The University of Texas at Arlington. She enjoys cooking with family and friends and blogging about the recipes they make.