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Art museum exhibits community talent, history

By Selby Jansky

The Arlington Museum of Art is a cultural exhibition of the community and history of the citizens of Arlington. It’s well worth a visit if you are planning an outing with friends and family or just a day trip on your own.

The current art exhibition at the museum is a display of the artistic talents of local Arlington youth. The art, available for viewing until March 31st, for free to the public, demonstrates the talents of students from the elementary school level to high school senior level.

With high school students on the ground floor, the first things visitors can see are a range of pieces from large wall paintings to a variety of sculptures displayed across the floor. The number and diversity of works on this floor alone make the trip worthwhile.

Upstairs, a number of small clay-crafted monster sculptures are along the wall overlooking the ground floor, spanning the sections of drawings and paintings by elementary school students from the different schools in the community. And, on the basement floor, there is a variety of colors and the diversity of talent displayed by Arlington junior high school students.

The content and arrangement of the museum seems to come as a surprise to many visitors, a few commenting on how they were fascinated with the talent of their community and by how the small museum was able to display their art in such a way to make the building seem much larger and grander than it appears on the outside.

Next month, from April 12 to 26, the museum will be displaying an exhibition of art from the Spanish Colonial era, which museum volunteers said will show 300 years of Spanish art.

The museum’s volunteer staff is very willing to provide information about the art being displayed as well as future exhibits, providing visitors with a wealth of information about the art and history on display.

Click here for more information about the Arlington Museum of Art.