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"Boundless" by Jen Lewin and The Rotary Club of Arlington

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Boundless, a permanent work by Jen Lewin, has been commissioned to commemorate the Rotary’s 100-year anniversary. This captivating and interactive artwork is designed to engage audiences of all ages.

Boundless merges technology and artistic brilliance, consisting of two distinct components: a towering glass and aluminum standing gear and a lower glass and steel in-ground gear. These elements encourage viewers to engage in playful reflection and interaction while honoring the Rotary’s longstanding commitment to public and civic service.

The centerpiece of Boundless is the 12-foot-tall standing gear, constructed with infinity mirrors. These mirrors create mesmerizing patterns of light and motion that respond to user engagement, captivating the audience with their glowing and swirling displays after sunset.

Adjacent to the standing gear is the interactive in-ground gear. This feature comes alive with color and light, responding to the movements of participants as they walk, dance, and interact with its surface. By actively engaging with the sculpture, individuals become integral to its artistic expression, fostering a sense of community and inspiring public involvement.

Jen Lewin deliberately chose the name Boundless to capture the sculpture’s infinite potential. The spinning light projections within the infinity mirrors symbolize boundless connection and reflect the Rotary’s global civic history. Lewin’s creation serves as an inspiring beacon, urging visitors to contemplate their place in a world of limitless possibilities.

Boundless will assume a prominent position within the new public Dream Park in Arlington, Texas. This visionary project aims to transform the park into a vibrant hub of creativity and community engagement. The Arlington Rotary hopes that this remarkable sculpture will not only commemorate their centennial milestone but also leave a lasting impression on residents and visitors, serving as a symbol of inspiration and unity.